The closing curly brace

Now my friends we have reached the end of this little book.

While I'd hope that some of you might be able to take ECSS 'off the peg' and start implementing it wholesale, I'll be just as happy if it merely provokes your own journey of discovery.

At the outset I was trying to find an approach to scaling CSS that dealt with the following problems:

ECSS answers all of those problems:

The considerations of scaling CSS are a somewhat niche pursuit. In time, we will have things like CSS Scoping but until then we must use the tools and techniques at our disposal to bend existing technology to our will.

I've mentioned it numerous times but there are many ways to skin this cat. Other methods may be preferable. What follows is a list of people and resources, in no particular order that may help in your own odyssey.

Until next time dear reader, I wish you the most fruitful of adventures.

Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.
Bruce Lee


Here are some folks that often talk or write about CSS architecture/scaling:

For a discussion about using inline-styles via JavaScript: Shop Talk show #180

Interesting approaches/projects around CSS: