Enduring CSS

A guide to writing style sheets for large scale, rapidly changing, long-lived web projects

ECSS Benefits of Enduring CSS

Isolated, self-quarantining styles

Learn how to isolate and contain styles so modules become self-quarantining and simpler to transport into different contexts and projects

Modern Tooling

Learn how to use PostCSS and modern linting tools to analyse and maintain CSS across a large codebase

Scale To Any Size

Whether one developer or one hundred, ECSS provides a dependable and maintainable approach to writing style sheets

Avoiding abstraction and specificity

Understand the disadvantages of specificity and abstraction on large scale responsive projects and why 'flat' specificity and style isolation may be preferential

One key selector to rule them all

Understand how to write a CSS superset that will provide a 'single source of truth' for every key selector in your project

Handling state

Consider how to handle state more accessibly with ARIA attributes as opposed to class changes

The Basics Writing ECSS selectors is easy


A micro namespace can provide context


The name or the file or logic/file that creates this item


Any child nodes are delineated with an underscore

The result is isolated, predictable and maintainable styles
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Jose Menor - Front-end developer

"Just came back to a project I did only a couple of weeks ago without ECSS and I'm pulling my hair out now"

Dan Gamble - Junior full-stack developer